Fashion Talks - Eps. 15: Shiny Silhouettes

Fashion Talks - Eps. 15: Shiny Silhouettes

Welcome back to Fashion Talks Episode 15! In this edition, we’re diving into the summer trends you can expect this year. From shiny silhouettes to soft silk, glitter, patent leather, metallics, and more – the summer of 2024 is set to be an eye-catching affair.

Let’s take a look at how major fashion houses are already playing with these trends, and most importantly, explore how you can incorporate them into your summer wardrobe. 

Reflecting on the Shine 

Pack your shades, because runways across the globe are shimmering that little bit brighter this season. Whether it's Gucci's bold ALL-INN looks or the understated glimmer of LOEWE, one thing is clear— the sun won’t be the only thing shining this summer! Expect sparkling sequins, the glossy sheen of silk, reflective metallics, and striking accessories.

Patent Leather Love: Adding an Edgy Touch

Adding shine to your summer wardrobe doesn’t have to be all glitz and glamour. Inject an edgy touch to your looks with patent leather. Draw inspiration from GUCCI's daring choices and experiment with different glossy leather pieces.

If the full leather look feels too big of a departure from your everyday looks, try starting with one statement leather piece per outfit. Elevate a simple black dress with a leather jacket or dress down a MiuMiu-inspired maxi skirt look with a simple top. And don’t feel the need to stick to black patent leather – why not take a leaf out of HERMES’ book and experiment with some rich Bordeaux red?


Jewelry - The Bolder, The Better

Expect to also see an abundance of bold accessories this summer. Loewe and Schiaparelli have certainly not held back, with stunning collections that are nothing short of ON-POINT! Think enormous earrings, distinctive buttons, unique brooches, gleaming gold bracelets, and big statement necklaces that might make your neck ache. There’s no end to how bold you can go with your accessories this season; as we learned from Y Project.


Glitter & Glamour - Day & Night

Glitter is no longer confined to evening attire. This summer, you'll shine from dawn till dusk. Elevate casual wear with a pop of sequins, as done here by Dries Van Noten, or pair an evening look with some casual accessories as seen in this MiuMiu fit. There’s no excuse needed for daytime sparkles this summer.


Silk Sensation

Silk is where shiny gets classy. That glossy sheen is the surefire way to add a touch of luxury to your summer wardrobe. Whether you opt for a silk blouse or a full-length silk dress, you'll radiate with understated elegance. 

As seen here by Saint Laurent's, it doesn’t take much to create a wow-worthy summer outfit with silk. Likewise, Fendi showcases how a simple dress can create maximum impact. Feel like getting extra creative? Play around with contrasting or closely related colors for a show-stopping look. 


How Would Kate&Jules Style It?

Ready to add some chic shine to your summer looks? You’ll love our new 'Ciao Bella' collection. The summer collection draws inspiration from charming Italy, real connections, and an authentic, calming atmosphere. 

If you've been following us, you know our love for silk remains unwavering. We exclusively work with digitally printed silk to ensure the print is tailored perfectly for our pieces. This way, the prints align precisely where we envision them.

Our 100% silk pieces include our much-loved kimonos, kaftans, fisherman's pants, and skirts — all meticulously crafted in Italy. Everything is designed to be one-size-fits-all, accommodating various body types. The kimonos are available in different lengths and prints, while the kaftans or dresses with a V-line come in various prints and colors.


Kick off the summer with a radiating glow. Explore our 'Ciao Bella' collection and put your unique spin on this year’s trends. 

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