Care instructions

Our pieces are made to be lived in. They are investments you can love long-term or share with your nearest and dearest. Please follow our care instructions carefully, so that all your K&J items keep their timeless, versatile design.

Leather products

To keep leather belts and bags as gorgeous as ever, follow these simple tips for removing stains and treating your leather items with care. This will extend the lifetime of your items, too.

  • Avoid exposure to wet conditions for too long
  • If items get wet, avoid radiators but let dry naturally
  • To remove surface dirt, use a damp cloth and rub carefully
  • To remove stains, use non-toxic leather cleaners
  • Consult your local dry cleaner, they are experts in maintaining and restoring leather goods. 
  • On suede leather: use a suede brush or a toothbrush to remove surface dirt

Wool products

Wool is a delicate, natural fibre with wonderful warmth capabilities. With these care tips, your items will stay fresh and comfortable for the long-run.
  • Before washing, turn wool garments inside out
  • Handwash or machine wash on delicate/cold water cycle
  • Use a mild, wool-friendly detergent
  • Don't tumble-dry wool products
  • Don’t wring out wool clothing, but press or squeeze out water
  • Lay flat to dry to avoid stretching

Silk products

Silk is an investment. It’s a fabric that should be bought with a long term relationship in mind. How you wash, wear and store your silk will also help the longevity of your silk’s life. 
  • Handwash only, using cold water
  • Use a mild, silky-friendly detergent
  • Rinse with fresh water
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Put to dry on a hanger in your shower

Cotton products

Our cotton knitwear and our cotton woven wear is made with the highest quality cotton and is made to last for years and years, and is easy maintenance.

  • Machine wash at 30°
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Lay it on the line to dry

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