Capturing the soulful beauty of Southern Italy, this range pays tribute to its timeless landscapes, heartfelt warmth, and enduring elegance. Each piece is an ode to the individual radiance it seeks to amplify.

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Spring/Summer '23


The charming, narrow streets, lined with ancient buildings and laundry swaying in the breeze above, create a backdrop for the friendly exchanges between locals. This ambiance is what "Ciao Bella" embodies—a collection that mirrors the vibrant spirit and timeless allure of an Italian summer.

"Ciao Bella" pays homage to the unbridled confidence and elegance of Italian women, known for their effortless style and captivating presence. They dress to celebrate their inner joy and boldness.

Our collection invites you to embrace this vibrant Italian ethos, encouraging you to shine with confidence and grace, embodying the charm of a true Italian summer..

Be confident, shine bright and be bold!


Our perspective


Every Kate & Jules collection is made with sustainably sourced, carefully selected materials that will stand the test of time. We use, reuse and recycle wherever possible to breathe new life into leftover fabrics.

The people who make our pieces are very dear to us and over the years, we’ve built genuine, collaborative relationships that have become the heart and soul of the Kate & Jules brand.

Our silk kaftans, kimonos, and blouses are all made small-run in Italy, as are our leather bags and belts. And our knitwear is crafted locally in Belgium at the Cousy knitwear studio.

At K&J, we always keep it in the family.

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