How does it work?

We partner with Dressr, a team of sustainable fashion innovators, to support Kate & Jules in offering rental. You will order and pay on Dressr’s website, but receive our original pieces, cleaned and in perfect condition. 

1. Explore our rental catalog
We have created an exciting collection with your next special moment in mind. Items that can be rented are also available in Dressr’s showroom in Mortsel, drop by if you want to fit before you rent. More info here.

2. Click “Rent now” and complete the checkout on Dressr’s website
After you complete your order, you will receive a confirmation email. Once your item has been shipped, a separate email with a tracking code will be sent to you.

3. Enjoy your piece for 10 days
Your 10-day rental period starts the day after your item has arrived. Wear it as often as you like!

4. Return your piece
Use the included return label and original packaging to return your piece to Dressr. They take care of cleaning, and getting the item ready for another special occasion. 

If you have any specific questions about other aspects of fashion rental, you can reach out to the Dressr team at

Rent now

Why Renting?

At Kate & Jules, we care about the impact our pieces are having on the planet. In everything we do, we always look for the most sustainable way while creating high-quality garments that last. Offering rental is another addition to our efforts in reducing our fashion footprint. 

Through rental, we give you the option to wear items from our special collection for an amount of time that works for you, for example for a special occasion such as a wedding, event, or a vacation. You pay a fraction of the purchase price and return your item to us when the time has come.

You can also choose rental if you’re in doubt about an item and would love to try-before-you-buy. If you love an item after you have worn it during a rental, you can simply purchase it and your initial rental fee will be deducted from the item's purchasing price.

Interested in learning more about renting in general? Read the full interview published at Flanders DC.

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FAQ Renting with Dressr

 What does a rental item cost?

The rental price for an item is based on the item’s purchasing price. All prices mentioned refer to the price for a 10-day rental period.

How long can I keep an item?

The 10-day rental period starts the day after your order has been delivered by a courier, either directly to the specified shipping address, or to a drop-off point close by. You then have 10 calendar days to enjoy your rented piece. Once the 10 days are up, it’s time to return your item using the included return label.

Does my piece arrive clean?

All pieces are professionally cleaned after a rental and arrive carefully packaged in ready-to-wear condition. You do not need to clean your items before you return them after your rental period.

How do I buy a rental item if I fell in love with it?

Log in to your Dressr account that you created when you placed the initial rental order. You will see your rented item in your account with the option to purchase it. Your rental fee will automatically be deducted from the price. Make sure to do this before sending back your item.