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How do I know my size for belts?

As every woman has a different waist, she needs a different size of belt. You will find the size on the back of the belt: can vary from 70 to 95.

  • Normal size 34-36: Belt size 70
  • Normal size 36-38: Belt size 75
  • Normal size 38-40: Belt size 80
  • Normal size 40-42: Belt size 85
  • Normal size 42-44: Belt size 90
  • Normal size 44-46: Belt size 95

The size of the belt is the length of the belt from the beginning of the belt at the buckle until the 3rd hole. This is how a woman should wear her belt, then the leather part past the buckle is not too long nor too short.

Oops, my belt is too big - how can I shorten it?

The K&J belt can be reduced very easily with the right material or with a very short visit to the shoemaker.

  1. Release the screw on the base of the belt with a screwdriver.
  2. Cut the part of the belt that is too long, you put the cut part on the cut belt for the right emplacement of the hole.
  3. Take a pinch machine and pinch a hole on the right place and you put the screw in the new hole.
  4. Put everything back together and voila, you have a new belt!

Are the buckles nickel-free?

Yes, all our buckles are nickel-free and follow nickel directive in the European Union

Can I put my belt in my pants?

That depends on the width of the belt. If your belt is thinner than 4/4,5cm, you won't have any problems putting it trough your pants. If the belt is wider than 4,5cm, you won't be able to put it trough your pants.

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