woman wearing a blue silk blouse sitting on wooden beams
Two women wear the same debardeur with accompanying scarf in two different colors. One wears purple-orange and the other white-beige

group photo of five different women. overall colors are purple and orange. Wearing different types of silk items

Woman wearing dark blue wool skirt and silk short kimono
woman wears lilac silk long kimono with flowers.
woman wears white-blue debardeur with print and accompanying scarf in the same print

Woman reclining in a chair, wearing a wool cardigan with graphic print

woman wears lilac-orange-bordeaux silk kimono with stripes. Underneath a wool sweater and metallic leather belt
woman wears blue vest with circle on back and puts her leg up in the air. On top of the blue vest, she wears a wide blue belt
Three women wear silk kimonos with fun prints with leather belts underneath in funky colors

woman wearing white sweater and scarf. Other woman with green silk kimono with floral print
woman wears a silk long kimono with blue large flowers.
two women cross and wear both silk items with the same colors: lilac, orange and dark red

woman lying on a tiger carpet wearing a beige wool skirt with slit, above it a beige wool cardigan and a white sweater