“I had the joy to discover more of Italy the last couple of years and I was blown away by the self confidence of the Italian women. They like to shine, they dress to shine, they are proud to be a woman."

- The designer, Cathérine Standaert -


"Ciao Bella" is a tribute to the unbridled confidence and elegance of Italian women, whose style is as effortless as it is fascinating. They dress not just for the day, but to reflect their inner joy and boldness. This collection is our invitation to you to embrace this vibrant Italian ethos, to let your spirit shine with the same confidence and grace. It is a call to step into the sunlight, be proud and resplendent and embody the charm and allure of a true Italian summer.


Be inspired by our Italian village's fascinating play of light and shadow. Our collection features flowing, graceful silhouettes that mimic the natural dance of sunlight across cobblestone streets. These pieces are made from locally sourced, raw fabrics in hues inspired by the magical colors of the region. They reflect the raw, untamed beauty of Italy and put you in touch with the soul of this enchanting land.


At its core, "Ciao Bella" celebrates the essence of Italian life - authentic connections. It's about those unplanned moments that turn into cherished memories, the joy of gathering, and the simplicity of shared meals. Each item in the collection, from breezy kimonos to elegant summer dresses, is crafted with the intention to bring comfort and joy, making them perfect for life's spontaneous celebrations.