Autumn/Winter ‘22 is all about being original - breaking the rules, doing things differently and coloring outside of the lines.

When I was designing the collection, I felt a strong urge to turn things upside down. To totally change course and create something that would make people sit up and take notice. Simple pieces that could be mixed and matched together, but in knock-out shades and fantastic prints.


I was so inspired this season by Hungarian-French surrealist artist Victor Vasarely. His pieces are so special, geometric dreamscapes where color and form collide to produce the most incredible patterns.

In my younger years, I saw a breathtaking exhibition of Victor’s work which has stayed with me to this day - he truly is a master of coloring outside the lines.


This collection is for women who live their own storylines, who dare to be themselves.

Sumptuous knits made right here in Belgium, vivid silk kimonos, beautiful bold belts and much more, every piece designed to help your flame burn brightly so you too can color outside the lines.

"This year I wanted to think out of the box, create a statement collection and amaze everyone with our wide color palette and fierce prints."

Catherine Standaert, K&J Founder