BTS Spring/Summer '24: Ciao Bella

BTS Spring/Summer '24: Ciao Bella

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of our fashion launch? Well, buckle up because we're about to spill the tea on the making of our latest summer campaign, "Ciao Bella". Imagine September in Southern Italy—the sun, the cobblestone streets, and a crew of creatives ready to turn this picturesque backdrop into a fashion spectacle.

Meet the K&J Family

First and foremost, let's dive into the beating heart of our operation—the K&J family. We transcend the bounds of mere colleagues; we're a tightly-knit squad that has woven magic together for years. This dynamic crew, led by Kate, our designer, and Catherine, our all-time favourite photographer, brings an unparalleled mix of passion and expertise to the creative table.

Our journey unfolds against the backdrop of sun-soaked streets in Southern Italy. The vibrant culture, captivating landscapes, and unbridled joy of the people serve as the cornerstone for "Ciao Bella." But translating such beauty into fabrics, silhouettes, and warm feelings is an art in itself. It's the alchemy of our team, turning inspiration into tangible pieces that invite you to bask in the essence of Southern Italy, right in your closet.

Kate (Designer and Creative Director): Before the cameras started rolling, a whirlwind of creativity had already swept through. Imagine color palettes being explored, new fits meticulously sketched, and unique prints being designed—all of this brought to life through an intricate production process. The essence of the collection, seamlessly integrated into each piece, was born and produced in Italy. Bringing these creations back to where they originated, shooting in the picturesque landscapes of Italy, added that extra layer of magic to the entire process.


Catherine Desaegher (Photographer) and Dave (Editor/Light Expert): Behind every captivating shot lies the meticulous work of Catherine and Dave. They're not just a dynamic duo on set; their synergy extends beyond the lens. Orchestrating a symphony of light and shadow, they seamlessly captured the essence of Italy's landscapes and wove it into every image. Their bond, not just as professionals but as partners in creativity, elevated the magic we aimed to create.


Leonie Gysels (Make-up Artist): Meet Leonie, our multi-talented gem, the wizard behind the flawless looks that brought "Ciao Bella" to life. Against the rustic backdrop of Italy, her makeup artistry added that final touch of authenticity, elevating our models into living embodiments of Italian fierceness. And did we mention, she's not just a makeup maestro? Leonie is also a phenomenal singer for Arsenal, the celebrated Belgian band. Her artistic prowess knows no bounds, whether she's crafting the perfect look or belting out tunes on stage. Truly, a force to be reckoned with.


Maud Weurman (Stylist/Digital): Maud, our pragmatic stylist with an eye for detail and a pulse on digital trends, meticulously curated outfits for "Ciao Bella" that aligned with the theme and narrative. Involved in the creative process leading up to the shoot, Maud wore many hats, offering assistance where needed. Beyond styling, Maud leaves her mark on our socials and website, adding her touch to our online presence. 


Models - Patrizia and Mayra: Patrizia Battelli, a dedicated full-time model, and Mayra Pietrocola, a famous TV host and actress in Italy, formed the dynamic duo at the heart of "Ciao Bella." Patricia's professional prowess as a model was evident in every pose, while Marya's on-screen charisma seamlessly translated into her moments in front of the camera. Together, they brought a unique blend of modeling expertise and television glamour to our campaign, adding layers of depth and diversity. Their individual successes outside the fashion world underscored the richness they brought to "Ciao Bella."


Authentic Connections

Nestled in a Southern Italian town, our "Ciao Bella" collection draws inspiration from encounters with the warm and charming locals. From old men at the café to older women gathering for evening conversations, each piece reflects the vibrancy of Italian life. Beyond aesthetics, it's a celebration of spontaneous connections, crafting moments that resonate with the soulful spirit of this enchanting town.


A Gratitude-filled Finale: Thank You!

As we unveil the New Summer Campaign, we extend our deepest gratitude. A heartfelt thank you to this phenomenal team, our cherished readers, and everyone who played a role in bringing the vision of "Ciao Bella" to life. Your unwavering support fuels our passion, and we're eagerly anticipating your embrace of the warmth and charm of Italy through "Ciao Bella."

- Special Thanks to PIAZZA NZEGNA

A heartfelt and special thank you to PIAZZA NZEGNA, the delightful Bed & Breakfast that graciously served as our creative hub during this journey. Your warm hospitality added an extra layer of magic to our experience, making "Ciao Bella" even more unforgettable. Grazie mille for being a part of our story and for providing the perfect hotspot for our shoot. 

Here's to the team, our readers, and to the magic that happens when a passionate group of individuals gathers to create something truly extraordinary. Grazie mille, and welcome to the "Ciao Bella" family!

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