Fashion Talks - Eps. 12: Silk Moments

Fashion Talks - Eps. 12: Silk Moments

Welcome back to our Fashion Talks series! This edition we’re diving deeper into the world of silk in winter and the many ways you can wear this luxurious fabric to create warmth and style even in the coldest months.

Breaking the Seasonal Paradigm

It’s time to let go of the idea that silk is a summer fabric. This timeless material can be worn just as well in winter as it can in summer. The secret is how you wear it. Pair a silk kimono with a fine wool sweater or complete your silk blouse with a thick wool vest. By layering, you not only achieve comfort and warmth but you’ll add a chic style to your look thanks to the mix of textures.

Always good, always stylish

Silk remains an ultimate symbol of luxury, and this winter is no exception. A quick look at recent runway shows from major fashion houses and you'll see silk is still very much in the game.

Balenciaga, Paul Smith, and Alberta Ferretti go all-in with these head-to-toe silk looks, each with an entirely different vibe. Which is your favorite?


Longchamp also experiments with silk in many shapes and styles. Here we see a crisp white suit elevate a playful silk ruffle to a whole new level. 

How Kate & Jules style it?

At Kate&Jules, we embrace silk in all four seasons because our garments are made to be lived in year round. For an everyday look during winter, we enjoy pairing our silk blouse Viveca or Vivien with a lovely leather belt. Not fan of the printed blouses? Try the Oceane blouse and combine the Olso fluffy vest (only available in dark blue) or Nicola fushia vest.



Whether you're gearing up for a party, a night out, or a special occasion, silk kimonos are your go-to! Think the striking peacock feathers of the Veronica, the geometric lines of the Valeria, or the romantic florals of the Vanessa. Simply pair any of these with a cozy Noor wool pullover and dressy pair of boots, and voila, you're all set to make a stylish entrance!


Ready to get inspired? Check out our winter collection and discover all the ways you can incorporate silk into your wardrobe these cooler months.

Step out of your comfort zone, embrace silk this winter, and discover the countless ways this versatile fabric can help you stay warm and fashionable, even when temperatures drop.

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