Endless Summer: The new Spring/Summer collection 23 is live!

Endless Summer: The new Spring/Summer collection 23 is live!

Our Spring/Summer 2023 collection is bursting with colour. Romantic peach silks, poolside green cottons, and tangerine orange leathers inspired by New Wave bands of the 1990s and that carefree feeling that Summer brings to everyone.


Imagine that feeling of an endless summer, one filled with crystal clear waters, cerulean skies, warm nights and slow sunny days.
When I was creating this collection, I feel that I was really in Italy, soaking up sweet summer rays and feeling the warmth on my skin.

I dreamed of the intoxicating fragrance of citrus fruits
in the air and ribbons of fresh pasta drowned in sugo di pomodoro. I dove into books, hidden in the dappled shade of olive trees serenaded by crickets. I imagined myself living each day day ‘la dolce vita’.



I wanted everything in the collection to feel easy and relaxed, something you never needed
to think about. I wanted each piece to make you feel like time was slowing down, letting you live for that one moment. I wanted to bring that sensual confidence that Italian women invoke
so easily - to enjoy being seen.

Sumptuous silk kaftans in tranquil tones to lift your mood. Bright knitted kimonos to throw over 100% cotton knitwear. Beautiful belts in many colours to add just a whisper of structure. Everything for a slow, soothing summer.

"I love the passing of time, never for money, always for love."
- Talking Heads, This Must Be The Place


For me, Summer is synonymous with music, especially in Italy. The beauty of a Summer music festival, dancing into the night with your friends, the world spinning around you. The magic of musicians playing in the street, their instruments echoing across the stones as
young couples sway in rhythm. Even the gentle hum of background music as you take dinner on the terrazza with good friends and good wine.

“When I was designing this collection I found myself obsessed with New Wave punk bands of the 1990s, especially Talking Heads.”
- Catherine Standaert, K&J Founder 

I made a playlist that was on loop during the whole creative process - combining this high-energy punk sound, and the softer, more introspective Italian summer themes - imagining I was at my own personal music festival. And the collection reflects this - the mix of hard and soft, subtle and bold, of low and high energy coming together in a sweet symphony.

If you have Spotify, please check out the playlist and listen along with us!



This collection is for anyone who has ever hoped that summer would never come to an end. It is for those who relish long summer nights, lazy summer days and the feeling of responsibility simply melting away. I hope these pieces speak to you. I hope the silk feels soft on your skin and the knitwear keeps the evening chill at bay. I hope you can find your endless summer in the collection and that it gives you everything you need to feel beautiful and live la dolce vita.





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