BTS Kate & Jules: Autumn/Winter '22

BTS Kate & Jules: Autumn/Winter '22

The Autumn/Winter collection is here. This means that we have a new collection ready for you! The most important thing about events and activities like this, is preparation! Without preparation everything falls apart and you don't have a clean image.  So Kate put together a mood board to outline an idea of what we wanted to achieve as a team. This includes all types of stylings, overall makeup looks and poses. This way everyone, in their specialty, knows what to do.


This season we have been inspired by Hungarian-French artist Victor Vasarely. This artist is a master when it comes to geographical shapes and optical figures. He is one of the founders of opt-art, also called optical art. His violent contrasts were first put on the canvas in black and white, later he used colors.  Anyone can recognize a work by Victor because of his eye-catching prints and striking color palette.

Our front (wo)man, the photographer

To get this wonderful collection on the screen, we put together a team. First of all, we would like to thank our faithful photographer @Catherine_desaegher, who took all the beautiful photos. She takes Kate's campaign photos every year. Catherine has a talent when it comes to capturing people and objects. Together with her partner Dave, they edited all the photos from our Autumn/Winter collection into a magnificent campaign. They put a lot of time and effort into making our campaign images stand out. They took the iconic images and figures of our muse, Vasarely and turned them into a brilliant background. These backgrounds are a masterpiece on their own! By editing our photos like this, they created a new dimension for us and lifted our collection to another level. 


Who needs make-up?

Yes, we need it! Like any other photo shoot, all models need a make-up artist to get them ready before they pose for the camera. From the beginning, we knew we wanted to give the models a futuristic look. For this, @Lilidarky came into play. She created a super cool look with metallic eye shadow. She also styled the models' hair beautifully. She totally hit the nail on the head and gave us the look that we envisioned. Even during the photo shoot, she constantly had to make retouches because the models went all out to the music. We loved nothing more because this made for a beautiful result!


Wait, I'll fix that 

Making clothes and styling clothes is an entirely different task. The styling is done by the beloved Inge (@Tiger Lilly Rose), who always provided the finishing touches. Kate and Tiger Lily Rose go way back. Inge had a store in Aalst a few years ago that stocked Kate & Jules. When that adventure came to an end, she threw herself into styling all kinds of things. Styling of models and clothes but also of stores. She has a unique sense of style and always knows how to shake beautiful combinations out of her sleeve. 


"One, two, three, photomodel"

So we have stunning clothes, a photographer, a make-up artist and a stylist. All we're missing now are models! For this shoot, we called on the modeling agency @Jackieliee_antwerp. They introduced us to the beautiful models Juliettekoole and Natachameyvaert. They were an ideal match for our fall/winter collection.  Juliette already has style on her own. She knows how to handle certain items/fabrics. She feels this and can capture special poses on camera like no other. Natacha is a very different model, a different style. She has a stunning look with her ginger-colored locks. With her penetrating look, she can make anyone take a second look at the photo. And that's exactly what we need! 


The finishing touch of Kate

With a good playlist in the background, we let ourselves go. Our creative director, also known as Kate, was in her element. In addition to designing and producing these clothes, she is always eager to see her collection come to life. Kate is a talented woman who has a critical eye when it comes to workmanship, which is why she is an ideal creative director. She knows the collection better than anyone else and this also comes with responsibilities. Kate always made the final decisions and moved everything in the right direction. 

Mission accomplished!

This successful day was filled with creative people all working towards one goal: to bring this collection to life. And they certainly succeeded in doing so. Each team member contributed to this beautiful collection with their own talents. Differentiate yourself from others and remember: dare to color outside the lines for a change.                                            


Thank you to everyone who was a part of the production of our new Autumn/Winter 2022 collection!

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