High-Summer Capsule Collection: Upcycled Halter Tops

High-Summer Capsule Collection: Upcycled Halter Tops

We are proud to introduce our latest high-summer capsule collection, showcasing the power of upcycling once again. Each season, we embark on an upcycling project to give new life to deadstock, and this season, we’ve created three stunning halter tops: Anna, Alice, and Ariel. Each top shares the same model but features a unique print that tells its own vibe.

Anna: Bold and Mysterious

The Anna halter top is a bold statement piece with a print of black, dark blue, and white skeletons. This intriguing print gives an edgy and mysterious vibe, perfect for the fashion-forward woman who dares to stand out. Pair Anna with your favorite black pants and stappy heel and you are good to go!


Alice: Soft and Romantic

The Alice halter top exudes a soft romance with its delicate floral print in light colors. This top is ideal for summer days and adds a touch of femininity and charm to your outfit. Combine Alice with a flowy skirt, light blue jeans or jorts for an effortlessly elegant look.


Ariel: Modern and Dynamic

The Ariel halter top features a geometric print filled with blue and brown, offering a modern and dynamic aesthetic. This top is a perfect choice for those who love a sleek and contemporary style. Wear Ariel with tailored pants for a chic and refined look.


Sustainability at the Core

At K&J, sustainability remains at the heart of everything we do. Our collections are crafted with carefully selected materials from Italy and Belgium and are made to be lived in. We prioritize reusable and recycled fabrics and enjoy giving deadstock a new lease on life.

Our collaboration with circular atelier UCO, led by Sara and Johanna, underscores our commitment to upcycling and sustainability. UCO is renowned for their intricate broderies and their contribution to reducing waste in the fashion industry. Together, we’ve brought unique creations to life, and we’re thrilled to share them with you.

Limited Stock - Available 19/6

This exclusive high-summer collection is available on 19th of June, launching on the first day of summer. Each halter top in this collection is carefully and thoughtfully crafted, and we can’t wait to see how you style these beautiful pieces. Add a touch of sustainability and style to your summer wardrobe with the Anna, Alice, and Ariel halter tops.

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