Collaboration: K&J and UCO

Collaboration: K&J and UCO

Introducing Holly: The Reversible Kimono

Our holiday collaboration showcases the exquisite 'Holly' kimono, offered in two captivating colors: deep blue and vibrant red. The essence of the 'Holly' kimono is rooted in K&J's proactive approach, driven by the belief that letting beautiful deadstock go to waste is simply not an option. We contacted Sara and Johanna of circulair atelier UCO, and with their expertise, they designed the kimono, paying close attention to refinement and details.

A perfect addition to your holiday wardrobe, the 'Holly' kimono embodies sustainability without compromise. Fashioned from upcycled Belgian woven scarves, each kimono is born through a meticulous process in a family-based weaving factory, emphasizing the woven, not printed, nature of the scarves.

Notably, each scarf transforms into one kimono, leaving no remnants or waste behind. Its asymmetrical elements and intricate sewing make it a standout piece, perfect for pairing with your favourite pants and sneakers or a chic wool skirt and heels. And it is reversible, ensuring that you never have the same outfit as your aunt.  



Sustainability at the Core

We are committed to sustainability and thinking out-of-the-box. All collections are crafted with carefully selected materials produced in Italy and Belgium and are made to be lived in. We prioritize reusable and recycled fabrics and enjoy giving deadstock a new life.

Circulair Atelier UCO, under Sara's and Johanna's leadership, is renowned for its commitment to upcycling and intricate broderies, contributing to the reduction of waste and promoting sustainability. The team at UCO crafts unique creations for Belgian fashion brands, embroidery garments and accessories and engage in creative projects for second-hand shops.

"Our Belgian woven scarves were too precious to be stored away. Sara has breathed new life into them in her unique way," shares Kate.

Limited Stock - Available from November 29th

This exclusive holiday collection will be available for purchase starting November 28th. Each kimono in this special collection is priced at €179. 

Kate, Sara and Johanna have channeled their creativity and expertise into this collaboration, and they can't wait to share it with all of you. The holidays are a time of joy, and this collaboration embodies the spirit of giving old pieces new life.

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