Fashion talks- Eps. 5: Let's talk BELT

Fashion talks- Eps. 5: Let's talk BELT

This episode of fashion talks is slightly different from the rest. Today we’re taking a closer look at a topic that’s very near and dear to us here at Kate & Jules: belts.

We’ll explore why we LOVE belts, how we work with our belt manufacturers, and spill some juicy secret. We have a lot to say about belts and we promise, it’s a MUCH more interesting topic than you might think at first glance. 

These days, you can't ignore a good belt. This wasn’t always the case and in fact, some years ago the humble waistband adornment was seen as a very functional item by most - simply a device to hold up your pants! 

Nowadays, belts come in a million different styles and are used for all sorts of things. Belts are incorporated into accessories, clothes and shoes. Belts are made of anything from leather to plastic. Belts have become the one accessory you can’t live without and we truly believe that the right belt can make (or break) your outfit. 

Belts seen on the catwalk

Most major brands feature belts in their fashion shows. Diesel sets the bar for excellence when it comes to belts. Their Fall ‘22 ready to wear collection featured belts as intricate parts of garments, or even as garments all on their own.
Miu Miu is also in love with belts. A while ago, they introduced the double belted mini skirt, paired with ballerinas and chunky socks, unleashing a new trend on the fashion community. 

If you are more of a fan of wide belts, choose Dior. This winter, they are going very wide. The brand keeps it high-end and stylish with their corset look


High-end fashion brand Hermes is also an early adopter of the belt trend. They combine belts in a more subtle way. They try to make the belts disappear into the outfit, but still give it that extra touch by playing with materials. And they do it SO right. Who doesn't love a monochrome outfit?

Belt trends come and go

Like any trend, belts have had their fair-share of ‘flash in the pan’ trends. Think of the bright yellow drawstring belt debuted by Off White a few years ago. That was complete hype, which has since died down. If you want a belt you can wear with anything, for years and years, we suggest investing in a more timeless, quality belts. 

Kate & Jules belts: The one and only

Kate wanted quality belts that would last the ages. So she turned to Italy, arguably the home of high-quality leather goods. Kate sought out Aspell, a family-run business that had been in the belt business for decades. After securing an appointment and talking about her plans with Veronica, the daughter of the company, her confidence in Aspell was cemented. The Aspell team shared her values and it was clear that family and trust were just as important to them as they were to her.

Teamwork with Aspell

The collaboration between Aspell and Kate & Jules is a thing of beauty, not only because they have been working together for more than 15 years, but also because of the way they work together on a new collection. There is more than meets the eye when it comes to creating a belt. Every season, Kate begins the creative process with a brainstorm including new colors, styles, prints, and materials. But she prefers to do the creation of the belts right at the end. That way, the last piece of the puzzle fits nicely, creating a beautiful whole. 

Which belt would Kate & Jules recommend?

The majority of our belts are made of 100% leather and are of course made in Italy. Each belt is made by hand and the range changes every year. For every new collection, we’re always thinking of ways to innovate to make each belt special. We experiment with new leathers, different types of buckles, exciting colors and even textures. The first step in the belt making process, is to choose the colours and leathers that fit with the rest of the collection. It’s also a good way to start when you are investing in a belt of your own! 

If you’re a fan of color, we would choose from the models below:



If you are looking for a special shape, material or buckle:



If you’re more interested in a tougher, more edgy belt, take a look here: 




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