New Collection - Shapes of Nature

New Collection - Shapes of Nature

We know the transition from summer to winter isn’t everyone’s favorite. Swapping breezy summer dresses for warm knits marks the end of another sunny season. But it doesn’t have to mean an end in style! 

We’re thrilled to introduce our brand new winter collection: “Shapes of Nature”. 

The Inspiration

Our new winter collection draws on the vibrant colors and beautiful shapes of nature. Inspired by a family trip to the captivating Antelope Canyons a few years ago, Kate has creatively designed pieces that encapsulate the magic of its winding sandstone walls, warm orange glows, and purple hues. From vibrant prints, warm tones, and soft organic lines, each piece has been carefully crafted to reflect the unique shapes of the natural world.

But there is more to this collection than aesthetics. The “Shapes of Nature” also carries a meaningful message, aimed and women of all shapes, sizes, and walks of life. 

The Theme

At Kate & Jules, we celebrate the uniqueness of every woman. We believe everyone deserves to feel confident, comfortable, and empowered in their own skin. Forget the pressures from the media, the fashion industry, and society; the “perfect body” is your own. 

We want every woman to be the best version of their eclectic selves. And to give you that little extra boost, we’ve put together a joyful playlist full of inspirational and uplifting tunes. Enjoy!  

The Collection

We’ve long held the belief that clothing is an avenue for self-expression and a catalyst for self-confidence. Embracing your individuality and self-love go hand in hand. Wear radiant colors, go for bold prints, and express your uniqueness. Be you.

This collection has been curated to encourage you to do just that. Each statement piece has been designed to be unique, inclusive, flattering, and comfortable for all shapes and sizes. 

Let us introduce some of our stand-out pieces. Our silk kimonos are available in different lengths and eye-catching prints. To our all-time favorites, the cozy Monae and Maureen pullovers. Feel cozy and warm in these wool sweaters, available in sizes small to Xlarge, and the perfect addition to a winter wardrobe. And of course, our silk blouses featuring a variety of prints are another must-have. You’ll find them in sizes small to Xlarge. 



We’ve also created two brand-new designs this winter! A chic wool skirt with slip, from small to large, and a delightful cozy cardigan made from sheep’s wool, creatively designed by Kate. 

And finally, let’s not forget our belts. We’ve been busy crafting several new designs, so there is something for everyone’s taste.

The Team Behind The Collection

The success of our new winter collection 'Shapes of Nature' would not have been possible without our fantastic team. I would like to give a special thanks to our talented and dedicated team members who contributed to every step of the creative process. 

First, I would like to thank our models Mouche, Thalia, Joke, and Katrien. Each of them brings unique features and styles, contributing to the diversity and inclusivity of our collection. They not only showcased the garments beautifully but they brought an extra special touch with their personalities and distinctive looks. Thank you for your professionalism and unwavering dedication!

three women crossing: blue silk kimono with floral print, blue silk blouse, blue silk kimono with peacock feathers

I would also like to thank our talented stylist, Inge. With her creative vision and keen sense of style, she curated the perfect looks that emphasized the message of self-love and acceptance. Her expertise and dedication took the collection to new heights.

Additionally, our make-up artist, Leonie, deserves our appreciation and thanks. Through her exceptional skills, she highlighted the natural beauty of our models and made sure they shone in the photos and on the catwalk. Her talent and careful attention to detail greatly contributed to the look and feel of our collection.

Final Word

We are immensely proud of our new collection, from its inception to its completion. “Shapes of Nature” is designed to inspire and uplift. We hope that it resonates with you, empowering you to embrace your body with a renewed sense of confidence and joy, regardless of your unique shape or size.


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