Fashion talks - Eps. 8: Wedding season

Fashion talks - Eps. 8: Wedding season

Today, let’s talk about the delightful period of the year when many couples decide to tie the knot — wedding season! Invitations are sent and the countdown is on for a magical day of love, heartfelt speeches, and beautiful memories. That only leaves one thing left to do, choosing the perfect outfit!

Let’s dive into the fashion dos & don'ts, the latest wedding trends, and the beautiful looks that will make your day unforgettable. 

What to wear at a wedding – and what definitely not 

Before we start with the trends, let me remind you of some certain dos and don’t’s of wedding attire. From dress codes, weather, comfort, and style, here’s everything to keep in mind when getting ready for your next celebration.


  • Respect the dress code: If the invitation specifies a particular dress code, make sure to follow it. By doing so, you contribute to the positive and joyous atmosphere of the wedding while showing respect and support to the special couple.
  • Consider the weather conditions: There’s nothing worse than being unprepared for unexpected weather. It's always wise to check the forecast beforehand. Prepare accordingly by bringing an extra layer like a scarf or blouse if it's cold, or consider lighter, loose fabrics like flowy kimonos and kaftans and a fan if it’s expected to be hot.
  • Wear something uniquely you: Don’t get caught wearing the same as someone else. By shopping at boutique local designers as opposed to high street brands, you can make sure your look is uniquely yours. 


  • Avoid wearing white: White is traditionally associated with the bride, so to be safe we’d recommend steering clear of all-white looks. Allow the happy couple to shine on their special day. 
  • Steer clear of uncomfortable shoes: Weddings can be lengthy affairs, so it's essential to wear comfortable shoes. If you’re opting for heels, make sure you can walk in them for extended periods. Alternatively, you could choose a stylish flat or platform sandal for extra comfort while not compromising on style. If you insist on wearing uncomfortable shoes to make a grand entrance, it’s wise to bring an extra pair for dancing later on.
  • Don't dress too casually: It's important to dress according to the level of formality specified for the wedding. Whether its a garden affair, a beach wedding, or a traditional church ceremony, make sure your outfit fits the occasion. To avoid any missteps, it’s better to dress slightly more formally than too casually. 

Upcoming Wedding Trends 

Now that we've covered the basics, let's talk about making a remarkable entrance at a wedding by incorporating some of the latest trends. This episode of Fashion Talks would be incomplete without a discussion of the upcoming trends in wedding fashion.

Vibrant colors

It’s official, the color of 2023 has been crowned: digital lavender. It’s bright, beautiful, and the perfect taste of the vibrant color palette we’re expecting at weddings this season. This trend embraces striking shades, from vibrant fuschia, sunny orange, to rich cobalt. Incorporate these hues into your attire for that extra dose of joy and excitement.

Earthy tones

While vibrant colors are in, nature-inspired and earthy tones are also making their mark on the wedding scene. Think warm yellows, soft pinks, and subtle neutrals that evoke a sense of organic beauty and tranquility. Create a look that is harmonious, natural, and simplistic with your favorite earthy hues.

Bold prints

Add a touch of flair to your wedding ensemble with bold prints. From abstract patterns to floral motifs, incorporating eye-catching prints into your outfit will make a memorable statement. These prints bring an element of playfulness and creativity, showcasing your individuality and personal style.

Statement separates

Move over, traditional wedding attire! Statement separates are taking center stage. Instead of the conventional dress or suit, this season will see wedding guests opt for statement co-ords. We love this trend's space for versatility and personal expression, giving individuals the freedom to curate a distinct and fashionable look that perfectly represents their uniqueness.  

How Kate & Jules do wedding season

So now you know the trends, how do you incorporate them into the perfect look? We’ve pieced together some of our favorite pieces so you shine this wedding season. 

For that vibrant, bright pop of color, why not try our beautiful Roisin silk kimonos from our summer collection:


 Looking for something softer and earthier? Check out our Roberta skirt:


Ready to go bold with an eye-catching print? You’ll love our Raleigh kaftan:


Or, make a statement and combine our Rosario silk pants and Rosa Kimono:


To tie the knot

Whether you’re going for a bold statement or a softer look this wedding season, feel your best in our latest collection of silk kimonos and kaftans. Lovingly designed and carefully crafted, our pieces are made to make you shine. Each item in the collection is perfect to put on afterwards as well. Pair the chic silk pants with a tee to make it casual or throw a kimono over jeans. The collection is made for every occasion. 

Share special moments and beautiful memories with your loved ones while wearing high-quality pieces that stand the test of time. In every sense of the word, our pieces are ‘made to be lived in’. 

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