Fashion talks: Eps. 13: A Walk on the Wild Side

Fashion talks: Eps. 13: A Walk on the Wild Side

Welcome back to Fashion Talks! In this edition, we're taking a walk on the wild side and exploring the iconic world of animal-inspired designs. From classic animal prints to avant-garde interpretations, this season is all about incorporating the natural world into your looks.

Animal Prints: A Timeless Trend

Animal prints are a wardrobe staple that never fades away. This winter, designers are getting adventurous with cow prints, leopard spots, croc patterns, and snake motifs. Big names like Stella McCartney, Balenciaga, and Versace are bringing their own twist to these prints, keeping the long-reigning animal theme fresh and chic.


Faux fur and feathers: A touch of luxury

Faux fur and feathers are also making a statement this season. From designers Burberry and Chanel adding elaborate feather details to their outfits, to striking faux fur coats and accessories becoming winter must-haves. Feeling inspired? Be bold this winter and add some luxury touches to your looks.


How K&J would style it

Our new winter collection, 'Shapes of Nature', is all about celebrating these trends. For those who love animal prints, our Vivien leopard print blouse is a must-have. The Ohara cardigan, boasting maximized tiger stripes, paired effortlessly, creates a chic ensemble that oozes glamour.


Feeling the feather vibe? Our Veronica silk kimono in two colours will have you turning heads at any event. Complete the look with a classic pair of jeans and add the Sherry Slang belt for some extra flair. Prefer something cozier? Consider our Olive debardeur paired with the matching Ollie scarf, both featuring maximized tiger stripes!



Shapes of Nature - New Winter Collection.

Ready to unleash your inner wild side? Explore our new collection of animal-inspired pieces online and discover the countless ways you can embrace the beauty of the animal kingdom in your winter wardrobe.

Step into this winter with a fresh, stylish look that celebrates nature. Stay wild, stay fabulous!

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