The upcycled silk cookie bag

The upcycled silk cookie bag

This Summer we are proud to announce that K&J and CLINCH have teamed up to produce a very limited run of upcycled handbags.

The CLINCH X K&J cookie bag is a patchwork of 100% silk scarves from previous collections of K&J, made by hand in the CLINCH atelier in Antwerp.

Anne Van Damme (CLINCH founder) and Cathérine Standaert (K&J founder) have wanted to collaborate for a long time and were simply waiting for the right inspiration to strike.

The two are close friends, having launched their brands around the same time, and over the years have become both mentors and inspirations for one another. Their mutual respect runs deep, underpinned by a shared passion for high-quality, made-to-last fashion and a strongly-held belief in the importance of building sustainability into every aspect of their business.

So when Anne showed Kate the CLINCH denim ‘cookie bag’ from one of their earlier upcycle collections, together they came up with the idea of a beautiful, patchwork bag made from the unused K&J scarves - breathing a whole new life into pieces that were sitting in a box collecting dust.


“We go way back, we've known each other since we were 15 and our friendship & mutual respect have only grown with the years.”
 - Kate & Anne




About the bags

When it came to creating the handbag, Kate & Anne knew they wanted to produce a light, fresh, eye-catching piece that combined both of their styles and was easy to wear. Something you could grab for an on-the-go errand or take with you on a weekend away.

The ‘cookie bag’ was the perfect design. It already incorporated patchwork elements and felt effortless thanks to its old-school plastic-bag design origins.

They began by choosing contrasting, vibrant scarves for each bag. These were then cut up into pieces and patchworked together by hand to create the final pieces. There are three different patchwork blends to choose from, each with its own unique flair.




The bags are individually numbered so anyone who gets their hands on the Clinch X K&J bag will truly be the owner of an exclusive piece of art.


“Every bag is made by hand, with pieces of scarves chosen very carefully, so each one is unique. Our hope is that you treat it the same way as we did when we made it - with love!”
 - Anne

To pair with your Clinch X K&J handbag, K&J has made the silk scarves used in the production of the bags available for purchase - so if you want one before they get turned into a bag, now is your chance! Perfectly pair your handbag with its corresponding scarf, or mix and match to create a unique look.





CLINCH is no stranger to the upcycling space. Over the years, they have created several collections under their ‘Upcyclinch’ umbrella, combining CLINCH materials with carefully selected fabrics from production remains, samples, waste, or used clothes.

K&J too has a history of sustainable efforts. All their collections are made with sustainably sourced, carefully selected materials that will stand the test of time and they use, reuse and recycle wherever possible to breathe new life into leftover fabrics.


“Silk is timeless and so beautiful to work with, so it was a joy to give new life to these beautiful varieties of silk scarves sitting in a box.”
 - Kate


Where you can get yours

The CLINCH X K&J collection launches Wednesday, May 25 simultaneously on both the Kate & Jules and CLINCH website.

Kate & Anne are both so proud to present this collection. They have poured their creativity and their own personal friendship into this collaboration and they cannot wait to share it with you all!

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