Story behind the new Summer '23 collection

Story behind the new Summer '23 collection

Start of a new chapter

Enough with those thick sweaters and chunky scarves - we want to say hello to the sun! We proudly present our new summer collection "Endless Summer" and take you behind the scenes of our Summer shooting. 

It is for those who relish long summer nights filled with music, lazy summer days and the feeling of responsibility simply melting away. We hope these pieces speak to you. We hope the silk feels soft on your skin and the light knitwear keeps the evening chill at bay. We hope you can find your endless summer in the collection and that it gives you everything you need to feel beautiful and live la dolce vita.

“When I created this collection, I felt like I was really in Italy, soaking up the sweet summer rays and feeling the warmth on my skin. I dreamed of the intoxicating fragrance of citrus fruits in the air and ribbons of fresh pasta drowned in sugo di pomodoro. I dove into books, hidden in the dappled shade of olive trees serenaded by crickets. I imagined myself living each day ‘la dolce vita’.”

  • Kate Standaert


Since a couple of years, Kate goes with her family to a vacation home in the Puglia, Italy. This little region in the ‘heel’ of Italy, inspires a quiet life by the water under the olive trees. It breathes peace, tranquillity, enjoyment, good food and fun. And the light is magnificent! It became clear very soon that this would be the setting for the summer campaign shooting.


    Meet the team

    To bring this campaign to life, we could rely on a strong team. A team full of character that shares a common goal: to make the new summer collection look stunning. 

    A photoshoot is only as good as its photographer and we have every confidence in Catherine De Saegher, a talented friend who has been working with Kate & Jules for many years now. She has exceptional creative skills and can turn what some may see as an ordinary shot, into a work of art. She came to Puglia with Dave, her partner in life and work. Dave assisted Catherine during the shooting, his humour and kindness put everyone at ease. Catherine's work does not stop after the photoshoot either, she continues working afterwards to make the campaign images look perfect with minimal retouching. 

    For our models we wanted this endless summer vibe, showing 2 friends spending some days in a family vacation home, enjoying time passing by slowly. Our first model is Thalia, an Antwerp-based always smiling beauty and creative jack-of-all-trades. A model, stylist and painter with a real social streak, it was clear quite quickly that Thalia was an ideal match for the Kate & Jules vibe. Our other model Gemma is an Italian local, living in Puglia. Gemma has this beautiful classic Italian attitude we were looking for. She is very passionate about clothes and loves a good plate of pasta - who wouldn't if you lived in Italy? 

    We were very happy to have our always singing cool lady Leonie Gysels with us. She was our make-up artist and stylist, ensuring our models looked fresh-faced and beautiful with outfits on point for every snap. Take a look at his video to see how Leonie takes charge and gives it her all during a K&J photoshoot!

    This rooster of powerful women brought our shoot to a successful end! They each lent their skills to form a formidable team. 


    The collection

    Before we could organize this shoot, the collection had to be ready - and what a collection it has turned out to be! We are very proud to finally present this collection to you.

    The collection is packed with personality. Soft silk kimonos with fun prints (made with love by our family makers in Italy). Cotton kaftans that are just perfect for a summer’s day. Gorgeous new hues have been added to our range of all-time-favorite cotton sweaters - made right here in Belgium at Cousy Knitwear Studio (top tip - the long-sleeved Maureen and short-sleeved Monae are must-have basics for any closet).

    And it wouldn’t be a K&J collection without some new, innovative belts. We love working with our Italy-based partners on new colors, widths and styles. The collection is full of belts of different materials - some that go well with pants, others that are slightly wider belts you can wear over a kaftan or kimono. You name it, we’ve got it!


    Final words

    Finally, we would like to thank everyone who helped with our campaign. This summer we want to give just one more message: live for the sweet, live for the slow and live for the sound. Enjoy every moment with your loved ones and with yourself. Enjoy every bite you take, and enjoy every song you hear. Enjoy is the message because we do that too little.


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