Fashion talks - Eps. 1: Kimonos

Fashion talks - Eps. 1: Kimonos

Fashion is a very broad term that changes quickly. Everyone, consciously or otherwise, is into it. There are all kinds of trends you want to participate in, new colors that are popular and surprising styles that have never been seen before. 

With this objective, we came up with an idea. Starting this month, we will be running a series called: 'Fashion Talks'. Once a month, we will share some secrets about emerging trends, ‘in’ colors, unique pieces, and much more!!

At the end of each blog post, we'll show you how you can stay on trend in ‘made to be lived in’ pieces from Kate & Jules.

Let's talk about kimonos

This winter, we don't just want to do chunky jumpers and jackets with basic jeans. We want to look fashionable and flawless! That's why kimonos are the theme this winter.

First, let me give you some interesting history about the kimono. It is not just another piece of clothing. The kimono is a traditional Japanese garment. In Japan, the kimono is worn by both men and women and is usually accompanied by a special belt called an Obi.  

From Japan to the world

The traditional kimono has inspired designers all over the world with its easy, carefree style. This is the beauty of fashion. With the right appreciation and respect from the designer, traditional garments can make their way into street style.

The kimono can be seen now in many forms, and like with any great fashion moment, we start to see micro trends appear.  Kimonos are now being worn not only in Summer but this year also in Winter.

Now when you hear this you will probably have your doubts, but Japanese women have been doing it for centuries!

Spotted on the catwalk

A few years ago, kimonos were everywhere, possibly influenced by Beyonce stepping out in an extravagant Gucci kimono that made everyone rush to their nearest boutique to ‘get the look’.

Now they’re ready for a big comeback, with luxury fashion houses beginning to bring kimonos and kimono-inspired designs into their ready-to-wear collections.

Louis Vuitton has released several kimono-inspired coats including a monogrammed kimono shearling jacket. Dolce & Gabanna wows with a silk kimono in a ‘love-it-or-hate-it’ all-over vegetable print. And Etro goes for sleek simplicity with long sleeve kimono shirts in black and white.

What these brands present to the world will hang in shops everywhere a few months later. That's fashion. Luckily, Kate & Jules are all over this trend - we saw this coming. So kimonos are back!

What's new?

Innovative and bold: kimonos over or under blazers/coats. This is so gorgeous and easy to style. By wearing a kimono on top of long (dressy) trousers, you create togetherness. The kimono will then become one with your trousers and fall together so beautifully.

If you want to create a more sexy outfit, throw your kimono over a cute skirt and finish the look with fun accessories, like a pendant necklace or a leather handbag.

How Kate & Jules would style it

Not everything you see on the catwalk looks comfortable. All due respect to the models who have to walk the Haute-couture fashion shows, it doesn't always look easy. That's why we also give you some options on how it can be done and how you could wear this trend in your day-to-day life.

After the big rise of the blazer, everyone has one in their closet. Well, style a basic blazer with our GIULIETTA belt and PRESCOTT kimono. Next, take a pair of dressy trousers that have a color in common with one of these kimonos. This way, the kimono becomes the focus of the outfit, the crown jewel! 

If you want to bring some color into winter, consider the PRINCE with its warm-toned multicolor optical print. Pair the kimono with some subtle tights and tie it all together with a TABITHA belt.


You can wear these kimonos all year round. These are quality items and are made of 100% silk. We are already in love with kimonos, now it’s your turn!

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