Fashion talks- Eps. 6: The power of color

Fashion talks- Eps. 6: The power of color

Hold your breath! Just a little longer to wait before summer begins and you can shine in your new summer fits. This summer we will see the return of some trends that we simply LOVE!

Last summer was all about quiet colors. Soft yellows, blush pinks and muted purples. The only truly bright hue was green, a really bright green which was a staple in many designers collections. This season, color is taking centre stage, bright, bold and in your face, just the way we like it. Romantic peaches, poolside greens, tangerine oranges and more that explode off the rack! 

Of course we can’t ignore the demin trend, with denim-on-demin bringing a whole spectrum of different blues to the table. Add to that the returning ‘lady in red’ trend putting the most passionate color front-and-centre and you have yourself a smorgasbord of color waiting to be explored!

Our Spring/Summer 2023 collection has a LOT of color to choose from in different forms, fabrics and flavours, so read on to learn more about this years color bonanza and how you get can ‘get the look’ with Kate & Jules.

Spotted on the catwalk

In September, all the major brands hit the catwalk, showcasing their vision for the next season. This is the moment designers can give us their best side and this Fall was no exception - what a stunning show! 

Of course, every high-fashion brand wants to be the one everyone is talking about - so let's break it down.
First on the schedule: Balenciaga. Always out to surprise, this year's Balenciaga catwalk was transformed into a mud bath. The whole show rebelled against traditional notions of good and bad.

They thought completely out of the box, using fake babies and many other bizarre things to deliver their vision. As we know, Balenciaga doesn't like a lot of colour, but one outfit stood out, an entire outfit in vibrant pink.

Balenciaga wasn’t the only one to give a thunderous show!
The Gucci ‘Twinsburg’ show, featuring sibling pairs walking the catwalk in identical outfits, was inspired by asymmetrical duality - a nod to designer Alessandro Michele’s mother and sister who are both twins. 

The designer also gave the jewellery a twist; going heavy on the facial jewellery, which often cascaded down from oversized sunglasses. In-your-face colours were on display with the fashion house doubling down and mixing bold hues with surprisingly busy prints.

Special mention goes out to the incredibly innovative showing from Coperni, wowing the audience with a dress that was sprayed live onto supermodel Bella Hadid’s skin.

The dress, inspired by scenes from the Matrix films, begins as a liquid and is transformed into a beautiful garment right in front of your eyes mixing the contemporary with the futuristic.


How Kate & Jules would style it

Ay K&J, we can never say no to colour. Monochromatic pieces in various hues of a single colour (for example 3 different types of purple together) are on trend right now and we couldn’t be happier.

You can see this reflected in two of our kaftans: Palmira in green and Randall in dark blue.


We also worked with analogous colours (three colours that are next to each other in the colour circle) this season. Our Roberto silk trousers illustrate this well, blending orange, rose and fuchsia in a Vietnamese-inspired style that is at the centre of our collection. 

You can also find these beautiful pants in the Rosario print, which pairs wonderfully with the matching Rosa kimono.


From analogous, we move to complementary colours, as far apart as possible on the colour wheel. The Ramsey dark blue kaftan is a good example of this. The powerful presence of the dominant deep blue colour in contrast with the burnt orange makes this the perfect piece to wear all summer. 


Finally, you have triad colours. These colours together make a triangle in the colour circle. Consider for a moment the colours green, blue and red. As a first impression, this doesn't seem like a good match; until you see the Raleigh green kaftan. This pearl is one of our favourites in the collection.

But don’t forget accessories…! Pair a fun item with one of our popping belts for some casual summer elegance. We have all sorts of eye-catching belts in all the (on-trend) colours of the rainbow - so simply take your pick!


Bring on the Endless Summer

Our Summer 2023 collection has a colour for everyone. It’s a vibrant, joyful expression full of fun combinations and innovative designs that we’re so proud to share. Take a tour of our webshop today,  experience a collection that will stir up the Italian fury deep in your soul, and cut yourself a slice of Endless Summer.

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