Fashion talks - Eps. 3: Gender neutral clothes

Fashion talks - Eps. 3: Gender neutral clothes

A changing society

If we’re going to talk about gender-neutral clothing, it’s important to discuss the concept of gender itself. Most experts define gender as a social construct relating to behaviours based on labels of masculinity and femininity. As gender is a personal perception of oneself, your gender may not match the biological sex you were assigned at birth. 

Today, the conversation around gender and the limits of the widely accepted 2 gender binary, is louder than ever. All over the globe, people are embracing a broader definition of gender and championing those with the courage to challenge established gender norms. Non-binary and gender-fluidity are becoming more widely accepted terms as people stake their claim outside of the traditional binary, and the rise of they/them pronouns has given a generation of people the words to self-describe in a label-obsessed society.

Even the Dikke van Dale is being re-released to reflect the changing nature of gender, designating more than 15,0000 words that indicate a person but do not necessarily refer to a biological gender as gender neutral. Fashion of course has an important role to play in the gender discussion. The clothes we wear have the power to define or obscure our gender. They can help convince others of the gender we identify with, or signal that we simply choose NOT to identify.
This brings us back to gender-neutral clothing!

Gender-neutral clothing defined

Gender-neutral clothing is clothing that doesn’t participate in the gender binary. It is clothing that blurs the line between feminine and masculine, creating something new that is accessible to all people, of all genders.

When you take gender out of the equation, designers can push the boundaries of their designs. They can create for everyone, rather than just one group of people.
At Kate & Jules, we love the idea that clothing can be for everyone. That fashion can be shared between different genders, each wearer bringing their own unique take on gender to a piece.

On the catwalk

This phenomenon leads to more self-expression and authenticity. That's the beauty of gender neutrality. As people shed their former perceptions of gender, we see more daring. We see more creativity. And we see more and more gender neutrality on the catwalk.

Just take a look at Gucci who blew audiences away with look-after-look of gender-neutral androgyny for its Autumn ‘22 ready-to-wear collection. Similarly, at its most recent launch, the always-ballsy Off-White brand threw out the gender rulebook, intertwining hyper-femininity with traditionally masculine silhouettes.

Even French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus has jumped on the train, giving a subtle twist on gender neutrality with uncomplicated pieces in surprising fabric choices - sheer lace for him, natural muslin for her.


Rock stars and icons

Musicians have been gender-bending personal expression for longer than you might think. From Liberace to David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Joan Jett and more, rock stars have always known how to turn the gender binary on its head.

Harry Styles has been leading the genderless fashion revolution in music since his Met Gala splash in 2019. Together with his stylist Harry Lambert, Styles has become a fashion icon with his bold choices that defy conventional gender expression. From skirts, to open silk blouses and wide-legged trousers, nothing is off the table for the superstar heartthrob.

Not to be outdone, heavy hitters of the silver screen like Zendaya and Brad Pitt have been seen out and about in tailored suits and dresses respectively, showing that gender-neutral fashion is for everyone. 


How Kate & Jules would style it?

We believe everyone should feel good in their body and clothing is a great way to express this. We love it when Harry Styles wears a lace blouse and we believe he would look great in one of our kimonos. If this is still a little too daring for you, we definitely believe that some pieces have no gender, and it is so nice to share them with your loved one.  That’s just why we developed our ‘For Everyone’ collection and why we’ve decided to continue in this direction for 2022.

Our For Everyone line is a capsule collection of gender-neutral pieces perfect for people who identify as male, female, non-binary and everything in between. The pieces don’t have a gender of their own, it’s up to your to bring your own expression to the garments. In a colour palette of warm, cosy neutrals, the For Everyone collection has sweaters, belts, and scarves designed to be shared.

Looking for a great Christmas gift? The pieces in our For Everyone collection make an ideal gift for the boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, brother, husband, wife, friend or special human in your life. Available in all kinds of sizes and colours, the Collection for Everyone is just that - for EVERYONE!


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