Fashion talks - Eps. 7: Gold & Silver are back

Fashion talks - Eps. 7: Gold & Silver are back

Spring has sprung, which means it's time for a wardrobe refresh. Say goodbye to chunky knits and hello to summer dresses and cotton sweaters. As you may have noticed, the fashion world is currently awash with color! In today's post, we'll be discussing two colors that complement any other color. You might have guessed it, gold and silver are back like never before.

In the past, silver and gold were subtly used in small accessories, such as belts or necklaces. However, this year we're seeing a complete shift in their usage. In fall we saw the introduction of silver following the viral silver pants trend on TikTok, and since then it’s taken off. From handbags to chrome metallic nails, silver is making a comeback. The silver trend shows no signs of slowing down either as we move into spring and summer, and good thing too because we are a FAN!

Seen on the catwalk

Metallics and heavy metals were prominently featured on the SS23 catwalk, with designers such as Isabel Marant using silver and metallics in the form of leather and corsets.

Beautiful golden hues are also making a comeback!Haute-couture brand Chanel started the season strong with a statement gold dress, and featured subtle accents with gold handbags and gold belts throughout their collection. Chanel is not the only brand to feature gold on the catwalk; Valentino, Stella McCartney and Givenchy have also embraced its return.


But this summer is not just about gold and silver. Other metallic colors are also getting a voice in the trend; think Givenchy’s eye-catching steel-eque metallic handbags and statement shoes. As a final trend tip: prepare for glitter. But beware: “All that glitters is not gold” - William Shakespeare. 


How do Kate and Jules style it?

The evidence speaks for itself; gold, silver and metallics are the winning trend this season. We love it and always sneak in some gold or silver leather belts in our collection. It lits up every outfit and let’s face it, silver and gold are super easy to pair with anything. 

So if you are not feeling comfortable to wear a complete metallic outfit, shine with a more subtle touch, like a cool Sherry belt in different metallic tones or the Tippy gold which combines metallic leather with a resin twist. If you're pairing a gold belt with a kaftan, consider the Rosa or Rosalie kimono in salmon colour. If a silver belt is more your thing, the Roisin kimono in green or the Redell kimono would be the perfect fit. 


Remember, when it comes to fashion, anything goes as long as you feel good in it. So go ahead and experiment with these metallic trends and make them your own!

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