Fashion talks - Eps. 11: Divide et impera

Fashion talks - Eps. 11: Divide et impera

Welcome to another installment of Fashion Talks! Our monthly blog series delving into the latest fashion trends. While we’re proud to be a slow fashion label, we’ve always got an eye on the runway for inspiration. In this edition, we’ll explore the latest runway looks and how you can you style your Kate&Jules pieces accordingly. 

Each time you come across stylists or influencers in a magazine or a photograph, they radiate with style, donning a fresh ensemble with every appearance. While it's true that many of these outfits are sponsored, it begs the question: how do they maintain their impeccable fashion sense in their day-to-day lives? Curious how they turn every outfit into a completely different style or look? Let's find out!

What's next?

Take a look through the archives of major fashion houses and you’ll notice re-occuring trends. Ballerina style skirts, gray tones, parachute pants, the colour red, to name just a few. It can be tempting to keep up with them all, even when they don’t align perfectly with your personal tastes! 

Curating a modern wardrobe isn’t easy after all. Do you opt for fast fashion or commit to the slow fashion movement? Should you lean towards trend-focused or stick to timeless basics? Amidst these choices, we often find ourselves questioning our very style identity.

Divide et impera

"Divide and conquer" – an age-old wisdom that still holds true today, just like it did in Julius Caesar's time. And here's a friendly piece of advice: be picky when choosing your clothes and work with what you've got. Invest in a few top-notch basics, and then let your wardrobe grow naturally from there!

Seen on the catwalk 

Sometimes there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Instead, stick with the basics and sprinkle in a little something extra. They do it on the runway, so you can too. Take, for instance, a classic pair of blue jeans paired with a black top, given that signature Versace twist with a hint of edginess. Quality pants like these can be mixed and matched in so many different ways, making them a dependable choice for various styles and outfits.


 I'm personally a big fan of that polished Alexander McQueen vibe myself. And you know what? The good old raincoat is still a winner in my book. Pair it up with a chic red handbag or clutch, and bam! You've got yourself a seriously powerful look!

Stella McCartney is also a winner when it comes to basics, adding a contemporary, unique touch to these. Here we see a half poncho made out of a furry knit with an animal print. If you didn't already know, this is also a trend for this winter - Let's ROAR!

How K&J would style it?

Well, here's the scoop: at K&J, we're all about elevating the basics with a bit of ‘WOW’! You might know us best for our vibrant silk kimonos boasting colorful prints and our breezy kaftans that scream summer vibes. But during winter, we love to combine our silk kimonos with a wool sweater and a simple pair of jeans, a knitted skirt or classic trousers. We add a beautiful belt, and BAM your outfit is pimped!  



Dive into your closet, cherish your basics and combine them with a bright silk blouse, a one-of-a-kind cardigan, and matching knitted scarves and tanks. It's a winter wonderland of style, and you can get the lowdown by checking out our brand-new winter collection online.

Curious? Go ahead, take a peek! 


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