Fashion talks 10: Fabric Combinations

Fashion talks 10: Fabric Combinations

After a brand-new collection launch, "Shapes of Nature," in which we aim to make everyone shine, we pick up the thread again and embark on episode 10 of our Fashion Talks series. But before we get started, make sure to take a moment to discover the prints and color palettes of our new collection.

This winter season, prominent fashion houses have yet again dazzled us with beautiful new silhouettes, striking colors, quirky prints, and other novelties. While it's easy to get lost in the details, we're here to offer a guiding light through the fashion landscape. Yes, it’s that time again - Fashion Talks: a monthly blog series that highlights the most popular trends and provides insightful guidance on how to effortlessly incorporate them into your own personal style! We’ve seen a lot of bold statements this season, from powerful reds, commanding silhouettes, and alluring sheer materials. And this is just the beginning!

Today, we’re taking a look at the art of mixing fabrics. In an era where seasons are melting into one another, the fashion industry is also evolving. More and more we’re intertwining summer pieces with slightly weightier cardigans or sweaters. We’re getting creative with different textures and layers, and we love it! After all, who wants to be restricted to a super heavy coat these days?!

Seen on the runway


Both Ann Demeulemeester and Jean Paul Gaultier have been spotted mixing fabrics and shapes as they embrace a simple beauty look. Ann Demeulemeester leans more towards the oversized look, combined with a silk skirt. Very simple but Oh So Chique!

Jean Paul Gaultier takes the wild road and focusses on making a model a queen! Employing a blend of diverse pieces crafted from various fabrics, they craft breathtaking ensembles that captivate the eye. Working with gold and silver just elevates every outfit! Let's say that Jean knows what he's doing.

AZ Factory also showcases its strong side: unique designs and funky prints and a lot of different fabric combinations. This year, they go for a wardrobe of mixed-media sporty things, fabric technology and retro-prints.

The daring designer brand Alexander McQueen skillfully merges leather fabric with an array of other materials, resulting in a business-like, sexy look that's truly captivating.

How would K&J style it?

At K&J, we're all about combining the finest materials: think Italian silk meets Italian leather, along with cozy homegrown knitwear from Belgium. We love mixing all these fabrics! I'm talking about your go-to warm sweater, those ultra-comfy pants, or that gorgeous kimono you adore.

Let's say you go for that irresistibly comfy sweater. In that case, consider combining the soft textures with heavier leather pants or an airy silk skirt. Alternatively, you could explore the charm of a stretchy wool skirt matched with the elegance of a silk kimono. As we see it, wool and silk are a match made in heaven.  


Looking for something a little lighter? Opt for a silk blouse or dress and layer it with an Oslo cardigan to give you a winter look. But with every look or collection, we emphasize that everyone has a different style/preference. Therefore, it's important to radiate in the clothes you wear, regardless of your shape, color, or size

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