Fashion talks - Eps. 2: Ponchos

Fashion talks - Eps. 2: Ponchos

Whoever says winter, says...PONCHO! Understandably, this may not have been your first guess - but trust us, Ponchos are the ultimate winter piece.

At its core, the poncho is a square, wool blanket with a hole in the middle. This is where you put your head through and the scarf falls over your arms, nice and warm. 

Experts are divided on exactly where the poncho originated but investigations have concluded that its origins could be Mexico, Ecuador or Peru. In Peru, traditional ponchos were worn by the Mapuche people to keep warm when climbing the Andes Mountains during colder periods.

Picture a traditional Peruvian poncho for a moment; it is covered in bold shapes on a bright background - commonly blue, green or red. Just like cowboy boots or low-waist jeans this classic piece has a comeback every few years. And thanks to Google trends, we can confirm this trend. This time, it’s not gonna be a fiercely patterned, bright red poncho. This time we see it more elegant than ever!

Hot and trending

Over the years, the fashion world has respectfully reshaped the traditional poncho, experimenting with different materials and prints to create something new.
Although the interpretation of the poncho has changed, one celebrity has remained very loyal to the poncho: J.Lo. Earlier this year, she was seen stepping out in a white knitted turtleeck poncho paired with dark jeans and a leather handbag - very chic!


The Burberry brand has always had a thing for ponchos and capes. For years, they have stood firm and produced a collection of ponchos and capes every winter season. We can also see ponchos taking center stage at GUCCI with this gorgeous reversible knit GUCCI poncho. In recent years, GUCCI has been experimenting with more innovative and youthful designs. When it comes to ponchos, they keep it stylish. Once again, the haute-couture brand shows what they specialise in: design and quality.   



We also like to take inspiration from what influencers are doing and saying about emerging trends. When we say the word influencers, you might roll your eyes - but stick with us,we promise not all influencers are bad!

We love influencers who keep their brand promotions to a minimum, growing their follower base on charm and charisma alone. We have been keeping an eye on a few influencers for a while now. One of our favourites is Izzipopi. A bright, stylish woman in New York who puts together new outfits in all sorts of ways. She is fun and quirky on her Tiktok, but on her Instagram, she’s all glamour. One of her latest posts was about ponchos, where she asked her followers if ponchos were back. Damn right they are! 


How K&J would wear it?

Ponchos are pieces to wear for a dry, colder day. Ideal for this time of year. The easy thing about a poncho is that it's an instant look. Our ORYANA poncho is knitted in Belgium and consists of 22% alpaca 14% wool 64% organic cotton. The poncho is available in Ivory and Fushia colours.   

We suggest styling this poncho simply. A classic roll neck sweater under the Oryana is perfect for a monochrome outfit. Match it with dark trousers or jeans and throw on your chunky boots. Voila, all set to go out. 

Keep yourself warm during these cold days! This piece will keep you warm and classy. Look stylish with a unique piece that will make everyone turn around. Isn't that what everyone wants? We believe in effortless, versatile design that empowers women to live life their way. - that’s our mission


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