Color Outside the Lines: K&J Autumn/Winter 2022 is here!

Color Outside the Lines: K&J Autumn/Winter 2022 is here!

This August, we launch our Autumn/Winter 2022 collection. A truly joyful explosion of bright color, abstract shapes, and fierce prints inspired by the futurist work of Hungarian-French artist Victor Vasarely. I wanted to take a moment to share with you how much this collection means to me, and how it came together.


For the Autumn/Winter collection this year, I really wanted to push the envelope with color and print. Often fashion for the cooler parts of the year ends up feeling a little bit boring - as though our clothing needs to reflect the drab color palette of our hibernating environment.

I wanted to do the complete OPPOSITE of that for 2022.


As I set out in search of inspiration, I was reminded of an exhibition I saw in my youth of Hungarian-French artist Victor Vasarely’s futuristic work. The way he played with patterns, color, and 3-dimensional illusions was so fascinating for me and really spoke to my creativity. I guess you could call him this season’s muse!

We spent time looking back at some of his most well-known pieces, such as Zebra, but also at his body of work as a whole, discovering how he grew and changed as an artist over the years and developed his unique style. The idea, of course, is never to copy from another artist, but simply to let their creative vision inspire your own.

The intersection of my own creative vision and Victor’s inspiration is a collection that is bold, vibrant, and entirely it's own. Optical designs and graphic geometric prints collide with out-of-this-world colors for head-turning, but still very wearable looks that can go from casual to glam with the right accessory.


Running through the entire collection is this idea of uniqueness. I explored different ways to communicate this idea and landed on ‘Color Outside the Lines’. It was the perfect phrase because it made me think of the freedom of childhood - where you just did what felt right and didn’t overanalyze. It also perfectly encapsulates what Victor did with his work, which was so boundary-pushing.

Ultimately, this is a collection for women who push boundaries. Women who are all about being original - breaking the rules, doing things differently, and coloring outside of the lines.


Each and every K&J design is special to me - but every season there are always a few that really get stuck in my mind. This season there are five pieces that are extra-special to me:



The Prescott silk kimono in a geometric line print is another piece that is very true to the inspiration of the collection. The 100% twill silk Prescott kimono is a labyrinthine work of geometry and works beautifully on its own or as part of a more elaborate outfit.



The Tiany suede leather belt with silver & resin contrast buckle is a fantastic belt for any occasion. Ask any of my friends and they will tell you that I LOVE a belt, and this charming piece with beautifully marbled resin set into the hardware is one of my new favorites.



The Tabitha belt is a wide gloss leather belt with reclaimed buckle and contrast stitching. This piece is a great statement piece with a big, bold 70's inspired vibe in classic leather or suede.



The Ottilia reversible jersey knit merino poncho is a joyful piece. This versatile knit poncho features a playful graphic text pattern that reads "Say Hi" - so you can stay warm and have fun!



Last but not least is the gorgeous Pryce silk kimono in a multicolor optical print. The 100% twill silk kimono is the perfect companion for anyone who can't get enough color - you’ll definitely see me out and about in this one.




As with every K&J collection, we worked with our wonderful collaborators here to make this kaleidoscopic vision a reality.

Our knitwear comes to life right here in Belgium at the Cousy knitwear factory. The stunning silk kaftans, kimonos, and blouses are made in Italy by our good friends Luca & Antonella. Leather pieces are hand-crafted in Italy by the family-owned ASpell group. And the gorgeous hints of enamel are produced in the historic Lartigiana Bottoni factory in Italy.



As you may know, music is so important to me, so we always put together a playlist that echoes the vibe of the collection. 

This season, I wanted to hear music that was a little edgier - and I mean that in both composition and message. From Janelle Monae to Roisin Murphy, each song was chosen for its ability to spark a feeling of rebelliousness in me. Lyrics that made me want to jump up, get out into the world, and scream my truth.

If you have Spotify, please check out the playlist and listen along with us!



I’m so proud of this collection, it has everything I love in an outfit: colors, patterns, an edge, and a point of view.

So when you put on one of our Autumn/Winter ‘22 pieces, I hope you feel special, unique, and true to yourself. I hope you are empowered to take on the world and color outside the lines of your own life.

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