Each Piece Tells Its Own Story

We're all about embracing slow fashion, vehemently opposing the fast fashion industry. Our mission is to raise awareness and encourage mindful consumption. Through these projects, we breathe new life into 'older' items, proving that sustainability doesn't compromise. 

"By choosing these pieces, you're participating in a movement towards a more sustainable fashion industry." - Cathérine Standaert


The CLINCH X K&J cookie bag is a patchwork of 100% silk scarves from previous collections of K&J, made by hand in the CLINCH atelier in Antwerp.

Anne Van Damme (CLINCH founder) and Cathérine Standaert (K&J founder) have wanted to collaborate for a long time and were simply waiting for the right inspiration to strike.

When it came to creating the handbag, Kate & Anne knew they wanted to produce a light, fresh, eye-catching piece that combined both of their styles and was easy to wear. Something you could grab for an on-the-go errand or take with you on a weekend away.

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Introducing our collaboration with De Kemphaan, where we've created both our cushion collection and tote bags. Initially, we partnered on crafting the cushions, and due to the success and satisfaction with their work, we recently extended the collaboration to design our tote bags.

Crafted with care and expertise, these products showcase our commitment to supporting local organizations while bringing comfort and style to your home and daily life.

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The essence of the 'Holly' kimono is driven by the belief that letting beautiful deadstock go to waste is simply not an option. We contacted Sara and Johanna of circulair atelier UCO, and with their expertise, they designed the kimono, paying close attention to refinement and details.

Fashioned from upcycled Belgian woven scarves, each kimono is born through a meticulous process in a family-based weaving factory, emphasizing the woven, not printed, nature of the scarves. 

Notably, each scarf transforms into one kimono, leaving no remnants or waste behind. Its asymmetrical elements and intricate sewing make it a standout piece!

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