Fashion talks- Eps. 4: Metallic colours

Fashion talks- Eps. 4: Metallic colours

A few years ago, there was a lot of hype around metallic pleated skirts and patterned metallic handbags. This trend went hard, fast, and was quickly over, but this winter metallics are back and better than ever! 

"Go big or go home", the big brands must have been thinking when they put together their current autumn/winter collections because this season is over the top. Think futuristic looks with silver trousers and cool tops. Think head-turning shiny cyclist-inspired glasses. Think metallic finished leather in all sorts of styles.

Even make-up brands are jumping on the train with metallic eyeshadows that really catch the light to finish your look.

Eye-popping colors

When you think of metallics, you often think of only gold, silver, and bronze - but the metallic trend is so much more!

Colored metallics have been featured in several high fashion collections recently from the metallic acid green of the Bottega Veneta Jodie handbag (one of last years ‘must have’ items) to this gorgeous pink metallic mini from Versace.

At Kate & Jules, we always want to put our own spin on a trend, so our take on metallics is designed to fit perfectly with our Autumn/Winter collection mantra: ‘color outside the lines’.

We chose to use our favorite metallic colors; fuchsia, blue, gold, and green, in small subtle ways to bring this trend into our collection in an organic way.

Spotted on the catwalk

This season, the fashion world once again amazed us with some incredible showings.

Bottega Veneta’s new creative director, Belgian Matthieu Blazy, has hit the ground running with some fabulous looks that made great use of the metallic trend. Knee-high metallic boots were the shiny star of the show, not to mention the playful metallic details used on this show-stopping coat.

Also very surprising was the new collab on the catwalk, the wildly innovative pieces from Gucci x Adidas. With Gucci's chic silhouettes and Adidas' playful designs, they had all the attention in the room. But these metallic blue overalls  were the pièce de résistance. Paired with a camisole, gloves, and the iconic gazelles, this was a look to die for. 

Speaking of big brands, we can’t forget Alexander Mcqueen!  On the theme of Earth, Sarah Burton doesn't let herself down with stunning pieces inspired by earth and mushrooms. Funnily enough, metallics still made their way into this grounded collection with this super creative silver metallic dress.

How would Kate & Jules style it?

I can hear you thinking: “full-on metallic is a bit much for me”.

We get that. These colors are very present when you wear them! This is why our take on metallics is a little more subtle. This season, try a 'touch of metallic' with your next look. To achieve this, you can use one of our three metallic belts; Sherry, Thalia, and Samson.

Sherry is a metallic bombed leather belt with a rectangular buckle. This statement piece, available in gold, green, blue, light pink, and fuchsia, will add a bit of glitz and glam to any look you choose but we LOVE to pair it with a great pair of jeans (like the ones from our friends at DAWN denim).

Thalia is a flexible metallic leather belt with reclaimed buckle & all-over silver eyelet detailing in Blue, and fuchsia. Thalia is great thrown over a dress and a sleek pair of black tights or with our Pringle and Prince kimonos!


Samson is a flexible metallic leather tie-on belt for anyone who wants to be the life of the party. Available in light pink, gold, and dusty blue, the Samson belt goes great with a simple dress or pair of tailored high-waisted trousers.


So take your pick, shine bright and rock a metallic next time you color outside the lines!

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