Today is Green

Today is Green

Sustainability is part of our DNA. That is why  mass production and the huge stocks that are the result of this mass production don’t match our convictions. We try to produce what we are able to sell, to avoid over production. And to avoid the necessity of sales. We aren’t completely there yet :), and unfortunately we still have some stocks. But it is our goal to grow in this conviction.

We also believe that our accessories are designed to last over more than one season. Our belts, scarves, silk and knitwear are very qualitative, made of the best materials.  And we try to use the same design over several seasons. It is a pity to only a beautiful design for 1 season, don’t you think?

So no Black Friday here. We know that you want to score some sales today …:) So you will find some Super Sales: items of previous seasons of which we do have some stock left. And where we do give some beautiful discounts.

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