Fashion Talks - Eps. 16: Closet Staple - Kimono

Fashion Talks - Eps. 16: Closet Staple - Kimono

As the sun-drenched days of summer beckon, it's time to explore the kimonos from our latest collection: Ciao Bella. Drawing inspiration from the tranquil ambiance of a southern Italian village and the authentic connections forged there, these kimonos encapsulate the essence of summer in every detail, inviting you to immerse yourself in the art of relaxation and luxury while cherishing genuine bonds.

A Summer Staple

Silk kimonos have emerged as the preferred choice for summer attire, offering unparalleled elegance and durability compared to their viscose or polyester counterparts. Renowned for their longevity and timeless appeal, silk kimonos serve as essential staples in any wardrobe. Unlike viscose or polyester, silk kimonos boast a superior quality that withstands the test of time, making them a wise investment for long-term wear. With their luxurious feel and versatility, silk kimonos effortlessly elevate any outfit, transitioning seamlessly from casual daytime wear to sophisticated evening attire.

Spotted on the Runway

As fashion's spotlight shines brightly on the runway, kimono-inspired designs emerge as a captivating trend for the season. Luxury fashion houses like Miu Miu & Dries Van Noten reimagine the classic silhouette with luxurious fabrics and intricate embellishments, showcasing kimonos as the epitome of refined elegance.

From ethereal chiffons to sumptuous silks, these runway creations inspire awe and admiration, setting the stage for a summer filled with sartorial splendor.

In our fashion talks, let's explore specific examples from the SS24 (Spring/Summer 2024) runway shows of major fashion houses. Miu Miu presents an understated yet striking look, featuring a long, sheer kimono subtly layered under a raincoat, paired with shorts and a basic t-shirt. The transparent and lightweight fabric makes this plain kimono look stunning and modern.

Dries Van Noten, a fellow Belgian designer we greatly admire, also features a lightweight kimono in his collection. His design stands out with its subtle yet sophisticated aesthetic, crafted from airy fabrics perfect for summer. Van Noten’s kimono pairs effortlessly with minimalist separates, embodying a seamless blend of tradition and modernity.


Roberto Cavalli, a classic but oh-so beautiful fashion house, embraces the kimono during its Ready-To-Wear '24 Collection with a super light version on top of an easy bralette and funky pants. Their catwalk showcases a variety of kimonos, both short and long, demonstrating their affection for this timeless garment. Who says kimonos are passé?

Finally, we see the rise of the "hybrid kimono-blazer," combining the kimono style with a more professional look by incorporating buttons and structured tailoring. This innovative blend is a recurring theme across many collections, highlighting the versatility and enduring appeal of the kimono in contemporary fashion. Here we see Hermès doing their magic:


How Would K&J Style It
At Kate & Jules, we believe in infusing every outfit with a touch of effortless chic, and our stunning Ciao Bella kimono's embodies just that. Let's explore our three different models:

Model 1: Short kimono - Long sleeves

The Delphi Orange kimono boasts a beautiful fading of colors, offering a subtle yet striking look. For a timeless appeal, there's the Dolly kimono, featuring a classic paisley pattern. And for a modern twist, don't overlook the Dona kimono with its green and blue graphic design.


Model 2: Long kimono - No sleeves

Looking for a long kimono with a split and no sleeves? Look no further than the Ridley kimono. This jungle-inspired piece, full of palm tree patterns, is available in both red and green. It's a unique and eye-catching addition to your wardrobe. Don't miss out on this beautiful kimono to elevate your outfit!


Model 3: Long kimono - long sleeves

Finally, for those warm summer evenings, we present the Dahlia kimono in beautiful green, adorned with a lush floral design. Completing the collection is the elegant Delphine kimono. But here's the twist: our kimonos aren't just meant to be worn loose. They can also be styled with an underdress and a belt for a more tailored look. We offer a range of belts, including the Wynn belt or the Grace belt made from raffia and resin, which perfectly complement our kimono collection.


With so many styling options, you'll always find the perfect kimono for any occasion at Kate & Jules. Whether you're lounging by the pool or attending evening festivities, our kimonos ensure that every moment becomes a stylish celebration of summer's splendor.

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