My inspiration

The Earth Generation

Thank you for  inspiring us

Every collection has a story. “The Earth Generation” is the theme for our Spring Summer Collection.
The young generation with their climate actions are inspiring. Our beautiful planet is our priority. We have to do everything in our power to preserve it for our children. We have to “re-use and re-think” our way of consuming. Establish a real long lasting relationship with the items we buy, throw less away.

The colour combinations we used are related to our planet: Mint, beige and brown for the EARTH. Melon, clay red and ivory for the FIRE. Light blue, navy and yellow for the SEA. You will find these combinations through the entire collection

Lots of floral prints, tending to liberty and William Morris. Waves, stripes and rounds symbolising our planet. We used resin for jewellery, buckles and bag handles. We just fell in love with the depth of the colours.

We also want to re-use, re-think: we have to break out of our chains of the fashion industry. So we have re-used designs of prints of previous seasons. Remember the “lips” print, the “peony” print, you will find it in the scarves dress….

We re-used winter knit patterns and transformed it into cotton knit. And the MONAE knitted shirt will come back in Summer 21. But let’s first start this beautiful Summer 20!

We hope you will like our collection as much was we do.

Love, Kate