My inspiration

The Earth Generation

Thank you for  inspiring us

Every collection has a story. “Grace and Timelessness” is the theme of the Autumn-Winter collection. In this world where fast fashion is an important part of many people’s lifestyle, I wanted to continue bringing a pure, honest and timeless collection. No fast fashion here, every piece is made timeless and made to last. Every piece is made in Belgium or Italy by manufacturers we consider as family. Our manufacturers are crafts(wo)men and they are a very important part in our creative process.


In this quest to purity and grace I was inspired very much inspired by the grace of ballet dancers. The movements, the pure lines, the hard work to accomplish this elegance…. Fascinating! So I tried to introduce the grace and classic beauty of ballet into the Autumn-Winter Collection. So our knits are simple and timeless, our belts are classic and our silk blouses and scarves are refined.