My inspiration

“We believe that the secret of change

is to focus all our energy

not on fighting the old

but on building the new”


Every collection has a story… (RESILIENCE) is our inspiration for our Winter 18 collection.  It is not useful to try to bring back the past, it will not come back. Let’s embrace the changes in our society and turn this new challenge into something more beautiful and richer. Human beings are one of the most resilient creatures on earth. We always bounce back…

We wanted to translate this positive energy into our collection. We divided our Winter 18 in 4 different themes, 4 different stages of the human resilience: (SURVIVAL: to overcome many obstacles) here we are still struggling so we are looking for soft fine materials, delicate colours. (VIBRANCE: pushing with energy or activity): the materials and colours are still soft but more vibrant. The third theme (REBOUND: to bound from impact): the knits are thicker, the belts become wider and bolder. The last theme (STRENGT & DARING: moral power, firmness, courage) is the final stage of our resilience and also the boldest part of our collection with bright colours and unusual knitting patterns.