My inspiration

Did you know each collection has a story? “Kind heart, fierce mind and brave spirit” is the inspiration of this Autumn-Winter Collection. We started creating this collection when we were facing a second lockdown… the stores had to close again, the fashion industry was in crisis. And we realized humans react all different ways when they are confronted to a crisis. Good ways and less good ways. May the ones with a kind heart, a fierce mind and brave spirit always stand out!

So we wanted the collection to be soft and woolly like a kind heart: lots of knitwear to feel comfy and warm. We also wanted it to be fierce, so we added lots of silk blouses, blouses that will make you feel beautiful when you wear them. And we wanted it to be brave, so we added some bright colours because we want you to be noticeable, always. Lots of belts too, because we believe you cannot go out without a belt: you can choose a big belt or a more classic one, but just wear a belt. No fast fashion here. Every piece is made in Belgium or Italy by manufacturers we know and respect. They are crafts(wo)men and they are a very important part of our creative process, they are part of who we are.