A holiday away with Kate & Jules

Sun, sand, long nights, and easy mornings. Dancing, driving, good food, and great wine. That’s the flavour of Summer.

Whenever the temperature starts heating up and the days grow longer, the people of Europe start dreaming of a holiday. We want to travel, see beautiful sights and kick back our feet. Recharge our batteries after a long year and enjoy some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

Well, that time of year is here again and I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say it has felt like a long time coming!

This summer, I thought I’d share with you my Kate & Jules holiday staples, the pieces I’ll be taking with me when I set off in search of the sun next month.

Whenever I’m packing for a holiday, I keep two things in mind, comfort, and versatility.

When I’m on holiday, I want to be comfortable. I’m looking for light, breathable fabrics that allow for easy movement – pieces you can throw on, that don’t have a lot of zippers, buttons, and other fussy details.

And contrary to popular belief, holidays aren’t all lounging by the pool! You might meet friends, have dinner at a nice restaurant or go dancing. So I’m looking for versatile pieces that can be casual but also pair easily with other items to create an elevated look.

Everything that goes in my bag needs to tick both of these boxes!


#1 The Pride Woven Dress

A Grecian-inspired kaftan for lazy days

The Pride woven dress packs a punch in both blue and lilac, sure to turn heads while you sip cocktails on the beach or stroll through the streets of Rome in search of the perfect Pizzeria. Paired with one of our Italian leather belts, this twill silk kaftan goes from easy to elegant in a heartbeat.  

Faded printed kaftan 100% twill silk



#2 The Patsy Woven Blouse

A light, bright statement for day and night

The Patsy woven blouse is a signature piece from our Summer ‘22 collection and comes in a beautiful tonal mint or lilac. This blouse is a personal favorite of mine – worn open over a swimsuit for a casual poolside look or paired with a great belt and skirt for a night on the town.

Faded printed shirt 100% cotton



#3 The Otman Knitted Sweater

An easy-breezy knit for simple chic

The Otman knitted sweater comes in Navy and Ivory and is perfect for throwing on for a morning stroll or as a chic addition to your evening look when the sun goes down and you feel a bit of a chill.

Pearl stitch knitted sweater 74% organic cotton 26% recycled nylon



#4 The Phaedra Woven Kimono

A beautifully patterned piece for effortless beauty

The Phaedra woven kimono is for those pattern lovers out there who love to make a subtle statement. Cool and warm tones come together seamlessly in this relaxed piece – perfect for chasing around the little ones whilst still looking fabulous.

Eastern double printed kimono 100% twill silk



#5 The CLINCH X K&J cookie bag

A one-of-a-kind silk bag for a bold flourish

The CLINCH X K&J cookie bag is a patchwork of 100% silk scarves from previous collections of K&J, made by hand in the CLINCH atelier in Antwerp. Every bag is made by hand and is the perfect accessory for keeping all your Summer valuables in – from sunglasses to sunscreen and everything in between.

100% twill silk




So that’s my Summer holiday packed – I hope you’ve been inspired in some small way!

As Madonna famously said; let love shine and we will find a way to come together, we can make things better, we need a holiday”.

— Kate