Episode 14: Fashion Talks - Exploring Shapes

Episode 14: Fashion Talks - Exploring Shapes

Welcome to another episode of Fashion Talks! Today, we delve into the fascinating realm of shapes in fashion. We're focusing on geometry, proportions, and the appeal of oversized designs, highlighting four trending styles that will redefine your winter wardrobe.

    1.  The Balloon Effect: Elevating Fashion

Picture yourself in a whimsical fashion world, your style uplifted by the balloon effect. Influenced by designers like Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton, this trend showcases flowing silhouettes, puffy sleeves, and dresses that seem to float. Louis Vuitton takes this trend forward, ensuring a dreamy and voluminous approach to both summer and winter attire. It's an invitation to expand your fashion horizons.


  1. Geometric Shapes: A Prada and Louis Vuitton Masterclass

This season, fashion evolves into an abstract canvas with flowing lines, intermingling prints, and vivid floral designs. Inspired by the daring aesthetics of Prada and Louis Vuitton, this season embraces whimsical dresses and bold prints. Accessories celebrate a beautifully chaotic blend, making this eclectic trend where imperfection is the new perfection.


  1. Playing with Lengths: Short vs. Long

Let's play with proportions, darling! Belgian designer Ann Demeulemeester leads the way in mixing short and long elements – think feathers and skirts in unexpected combinations. Prada introduces a stunning mix: long skirts and extra-short bombers, a trend that's heating up this winter and expected to stay for the next. This playful juxtaposition of lengths brings a fresh perspective to winter fashion.  


  1. The Statement in Oversized Jackets: Balenciaga, Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs

When it comes to outerwear this season, bigger is better, and Balenciaga, Miu Miu, and the iconic Marc Jacobs know it! Whether worn loosely or cinched, these oversized pieces make a bold statement. Wrap yourself in the grandeur of Balenciaga, the chic charm of Miu Miu, or the larger-than-life jackets from Marc Jacobs for a striking winter look.


How K&J Would Style It

Our Autumn/Winter 2023 collection draws on the vibrant colours and beautiful shapes of nature. Last episode we talked about shapes within the animal kingdom, but this time we’re looking at more abstract shapes as well as finding the perfect fit. If you’re looking to play with proportions try one of our snug-fit Olson skirts paired with the oversized Olive vest and matching Ollie scarf.

For a more floaty look, try matching our short or long kimonos with an all-time goodie basic Noor pullTime for a print? Opt for the peacock feather-adorned Veronica kimono for a feathery touch à la Ann Demeulemeester, or the graphic silk Viveca blouse for a bolder statement

This winter, embrace your confidence and style with a touch of whimsy. Dive into the world of shapes and remember – always stay wild and fabulous!

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