Behind the scene AW18

Behind the scene AW18

For this blogpost, we would like to take you behind the scene of our campaign shoot Winter 18.

The theme of our Winter Collection is Resilience: our capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. So we looked for a location with a strong architecture presence. Something big, strong, indestructible…


And we found it! The Interescaut building is a former power plant in Schelle, near Antwerp, providing work to thousands of people in the region till its closure in 2000. Recently found a new owner, and now waiting its re affectation. Hopefully coming to life again. And in the meanwhile, we could use it for our shooting!  This beautiful big site was meeting our wildest expectations. A huge building, with plenty of huge empty rooms full of character.  A dream for every photographer!

And our photographer Cathérine De Saegher ( who’s been working with us since a couple of years, was happy!  Lots of possibilities, different angles to shoot, the natural light coming in, no disturbing elements in her way, for her it was pure happiness…




Katrien Van den Eynde (Fashion & Interior stylist @ Trend Report) did the styling. She knows us so well and always finds the right items to match our collection. This blue dress, just perfect for the LAMAR vest! 

And this time we had great help from Joek Janssens (instagram: joek_janssens). She really brought to life the 80’s Sade look we wanted so much for this shoot. Only love for our model, Sherin (instagram: sherinlova) too! We love her style, her patience, her kindness and her professionalism. She has this strong sophisticated look we were looking for. With the styling by Katrien and the hair and make-up by Joek she looked stunning!

So everything was there for the perfect shoot…. and it was almost perfect but it was very very cold :). I think it was the coldest day of February, and there was no heating in the building, except in 1 little room that we used for changing and make-up… So we jumped, we danced, we sang to keep us warm, we draped ourselves in scarves… and Sherin kept calm 🙂


So at the end of a long working day, we were very cold but mostly very happy! What do you think?


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