Behind the scene Summer campaign

Behind the scene Summer campaign

For this blogpost, we would like to take you behind the scene of our campaign shoot Summer 19.

The theme of our Summer Collection is Miami 1993: so, easy, we go to Miami 🙂 …you think… small brand=small budget. So our challenge was to find a location exhaling luxury, sun, palmtrees, glamour… in Belgium. And we found it! The Euterpia restaurant near the Cogels Osylei in Antwerp is one of my favourites! It is the restaurant where we celebrate birthdays, anniversaries…it has a very special place in my heart. It hasn’t changed since years, and the history of the house, the lilies, palmtrees and art deco furniture gives this place a very luxurious, glamorous vibe, exactly what we are looking for!
The owners, Marc and Marijke and their daughters Iris and Sarah are passionate and warm. They are like that when you come eating, and they are also like that when you come shooting . We had a great day at a great location.

Our photographer Cathérine De Saegher ( who’s been working with us since a couple of years, was hesitant at first, but very happy at last!  The beautiful elements, the luxurious garden, all the pots, carpets, plants, vases… that Marijke and Marc kept for all these years and we could use, was candy for us.

Katrien Van den Eynde (Fashion & Interior stylist @ Trend Report) did as usual the styling. She knows us so well and always finds the right items to match our collection. We love her perfectionism and kindness. Also this time we had great help from Joek Janssens (instagram: joek_janssens). She really brought to life the Miami 90 we wanted so much for this shoot. The hair, the make-up, everything was perfect! Only love for our model, Sherin (instagram: sherinlova) too! We love her style, her patience, her kindness and her professionalism. She has this nineties look we were looking for. With the styling by Katrien and the hair and make-up by Joek she looked stunning!

So it was perfect day: the perfect location, perfect weather and the perfect team.  So only good memories, if it wasn’t that very sadly, Marc, the charismatic owner of this charismatic place died suddenly a couple of months after the shoot. Marijke, Sarah and Iris, we will never forget Marc, his passion, kindness, and we will never forget this perfect day. Thank you very much!



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